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Hospitality Investments Management.


Promote hotel management services that exceed the expectations.


Being the most admired Brazilian chain of hotels and the preferred choice of customers, investors and professionals.

Beliefs and Values
  • Blue Tree soul to make people feel happier and the world a better place.
  • Ethical and professional attitudes that generate credibility and trust based on relationships with Stakeholders.
  • Management based on administration with allocation of responsibility and authority, resulting in the development and happiness of professionals.
  • Proactivity to break paradigms, generating innovation and style.
  • Profitability and security as essential factors for business continuity.
  • Chieko Aoki

    Graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo (USP), with courses in Business Administration at Sofia University in Tokyo and Hotel Administration at Cornell University, USA, Chieko Aoki founded her company in 1992. In 1997, she launched the Blue Tree Hotels banner. The entrepreneur's mission is to consolidate the chain as the most prestigious Brazilian operator of hotels, with recognition for the high quality, elegance and style of service.

    Throughout her professional life, Chieko Aoki worked in various places around the world such as America, Asia and Europe. She began operating in 1982 as Director of Marketing and Sales at Caesar Park São Paulo and then became president of Caesar Park Hotels & Resorts and of the oldest and most traditional hotel company in the United States, Westin Hotels & Resorts.

    In ten years, Ms. Aoki, as she is affectionately called by employees and businessmen, transformed Blue Tree Hotels into one of the largest hotel chains in the country. The chain currently manages brand hotels Blue Tree Park (luxury resorts and hotels with large recreational and events areas), Blue Tree Premium (high standard class hotels with executive and sophisticated services), Blue Tree Towers (superior class hotels specialized in the business segment), and Blue Tree Hotels (chic hotels, modern and interesting within the concept of 'home feeling').

    In Brazil, Chieko Aoki is known as the queen of Brazilian hospitality, innovation and talent, which gives her the position of 'benchmark' for service excellence in the industry. She participates in various organizations of the private and government sectors, such as the Businesspersons' Council of Latin America (CEAL), Business Leaders Group (LIDE), Brazil-Japan Group of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP), the Brazilian Academy of Events, the Association for the Centenary of Japanese Immigration, and various tourism entities/stakeholders. In 2006, she was elected president of the LIDEM - Group of Leading Businesswomen and occupied a seat at the Brazilian Academy of Marketing, an entity created to integrate the best Brazilian professionals.

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    Blue Tree Hotels - more than personalized service. President and founder of Blue Tree Hotels, Chieko Aoki lent her name to the chain. Aoki in Japanese translates to blue tree in English. This name is now a brand recognized for excellence, quality and elegance. A brand that reflects the way of acting of Blue Tree Hotels that pleases clients, customers, investors and employees alike.

    At Blue Tree Hotels everything revolves around the commitment to offer the unusual and surprising. And that's the way that all employees of the chain are trained, always dedicated to transforming every service into a possibility of enchantment. In the hotels and resorts of the Blue Tree Hotels chain the goal is to provide customers with unique experiences. Arouse their senses, your feelings. Make them want to always return, and once again be amazed by the hospitality of the chain.

    The Blue Sheet which today incorporates our communication is our care and attention to detail. Details that embellish and create the magic. Like a large tree, which is even more beautiful with the mere breath of wind.

    For all that, the Blue Tree Hotels is now the number one hotel chain for products and services of excellence.

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    From the hands of businesswoman Chieko Aoki was born, in 1997, the flag, which has become a benchmark for the hotel market for its elegance, personal style, innovation and excellence of services, products and people.

    Since the beginning of its operations, the Blue Tree Hotels aimed to manage hotels located in strategic regions of Brazil. Motivated by its natural growth and lack of hotels with high standard services, the company began from the onset its operations in the segments of business, and luxury resorts. The network strategy is to adapt its style of service that focuses on customer delight in all the hotels it manages, regardless of which category they belong.

    Today, the company is present in several Brazilian destinations, operating both hotels facing the business travel market and full leisure ventures, in the resorts under its management. All units have complete infrastructure for holding events, conventions and corporate incentive programs. The network owns the brands:

    Blue Tree Park (luxury resorts and hotels with large recreational and events spaces)
    Blue Tree Premium (high-standard hotels with executive and sophisticated services)
    Blue Tree Towers (superior hotels specialized in the business market segment)

    Currently, the Blue Tree Hotels is a hotel chain that is number one in products and services and has global operations excellence.

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